How to set up your server for White Label

White Label Server settings To allow White Labels on your Platform Edition, you must first make some settings on your server. If, when creating a CNAME, you are redirected to another page than your Siberian, that means you have to do the following settings in your server configuration. This happens because your platform […]

How to find the css class of an element

You can customize your app’s design with css code : Here is a video that shows how to find the class of an element using the browser inspector : Right click on the element and choose inspect Click on the + to create a new style rule for this […]

Check the update status of your app

After some Siberian updates or installing new modules , the app have to update itself to work properly. To check or force the update of your app you can tap 5 times on “my account”  title in the my account feature.   If the message is “no update available”, your […]

Facebook Login – Connection error

If you have this error message : Not logged In: You are not logged in. Please login and try again. You have to update your Facebook APi settings and turn the Web OAuth Login to yes and you have to add http://localhost/ , http://localhost/callback/ You may also add those url with […]