How to share App Store Connect access – iOS Auto-publish – Two-factor Authentification

If your own Apple account or the Apple account of your customers have the Two-factor Authentification activated, you (or your customers) can allow another Apple account, that does not have the Two-factor Authentification activated, to publish with your account.

You must invite this Apple ID (not protected with Two-factor authentication and that must not be linked to an Apple account already) in your Apple Development Team:

From App Store Connect

Go to AppStore Connect



  • in “Users and Access” section, click on  

  • Fill the First Name and Last Name, add the Apple account email and check Admin as Role

  • In Developer Resources, you have to check Access to Certificates, Identifiers & Profiles.
  • Then click on Invite.

Here is an example with a fake account , replace it with your “unprotected” account if your customer is sharing his account with yours.

Note: Be careful to set Admin as Role, All Apps and Access to Certificates, Identifiers & Profiles, otherwise you will have issues while publishing the app.


  • From your mailbox, accept the invitation and create your new apple account.
  • Log in App Store Connect with this new account and accept any licenses. (if you have any licences to accept, it generates an issue during the publication)
  • From the “Users and Access” section, you should see this: is the Account Holder (your main account), which is protected by the Two-factor authentification, is the new account with Admin role.

Finally, from your Siberian, while using the iOS Auto-publish, select “an account without 2FA/2SV

You will find how to use the iOS Auto-publish here.

Note: only “Company/Organization” accounts can invite people to join their Apple Development team.

If you can’t select “Access to Certificates, Identifiers & Profiles” in “Developer Resources”, that means your Apple account is “Individual”. Thereby you will not be able to use the iOS Auto-publish.

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