How to share App Store Connect access – iOS Auto-publish – Two-factor Authentification

If your own Apple account or the Apple account of your customers have the Two-factor Authentification activated, you (or your customers) can allow another Apple account, that does not have the Two-factor Authentification activated, to publish with your account.

You must invite this Apple ID (not protected with Two-factor authentication) in your Apple Development Team:

From App Store Connect

Go to AppStore Connect



  • in “Users and Access” section, click on  

  • Fill the First Name and Last Name, add the Apple account email and check Admin as Role

  • In Developer Resources, you have to check Access to Certificates, Identifiers & Profiles.
  • Then click on Invite.

Here is an example with the account, replace it with your “unprotected” account if your customer is sharing his account with yours.

Finally, from your Siberian, while using the iOS Auto-publish, select “a 2FA/2SV protected account” or “a 2FA/2SV protected account, which is granted to” if you have sent the invitation to

You will find how to use the iOS Auto-publish here.

Note: only “Company/Organization” accounts can invite people to join their Apple Development team.

If you can’t select “Access to Certificates, Identifiers & Profiles” in “Developer Resources”, that means your Apple account is “Individual”. Thereby you will not be able to use the iOS Auto-publish.

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