Security: Firewall and ClamAV antivirus

Siberian includes some security features:

An integration of ClamAV antivirus: (OPTIONAL)

To allow Siberian to use ClamAV, you have to install it and do some configurations:

First you have to check if you have an antivirus already installed. (you can’t have 2 antivirus running at the same time on a server, it will generates issues). If clamAV is already installed, you can jump to the configuration file edition part.

To install clamAV from an SSH terminal, run this command:

  • For Debian and  Ubuntu:
    apt install clamav  clamav-daemon
  • For Centos and RHEL:
    yum install clamav clamd (If it does not find the packages, run yum install epel-release and repeat the first command.)

Then edit the configuration file:

  • in /etc/clamav/clamd.conf add/edit these lines:

    LocalSocket /var/run/clamav/clamd.ctl


    TCPSocket 3310

  • then restart clamAV:
    service clamav-daemon start

A soft Firewall to allow or deny specific files extensions upload

You will find here a list of all the allowed file extensions. It won’t be possible to upload any file with an extension not listed in this list:

(this is a partial screen, check in your Siberian to see the whole list)

As you can see, any extension listed here can be removed from the list with the delete button.

You can allow some extensions with the following form:

For instance, if you want to add the .txt extension, just type txt then hit the “Add extension” button.

Some extensions are totally forbidden, like php, so you won’t be able to allow them.

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