How to configure an external SMTP server

What is a SMTP server?

A SMTP server is a basically a mail server, it receives requests & sends e-mails to the good recipient, most of the servers have basic default SMTP servers installed, but configuration can be complicated and you’ll get easily blacklisted and/or in the spam inbox.

Using an external SMTP provider makes sense when dealing with a lot of e-mail everyday, here is how to configure it in Siberian.

Note: SMTP configuration is available for Siberian 4.8.7+

Configuring a default wide SMTP server/provider

First, go to your Backoffice, then to Settings > Communication

Right here you’ll find a section named Custom SMTP Configuration

Fill in the information from your email provider, then you’re done. To find these information, just search for “smtp + ‘your email provider’ ” in your search engine and you should find them.

For example, if you use a Yahoo email address, you can find the information on this page:
Then you just have to follow the instructions:

  • Server –
  • Port – 465 or 587
  • Requires SSL – Yes
  • Requires authentication – Yes


White-label users and custom SMTP

If you are a PE owner, and are using White-labels, you probably got requests from your users concerning SMTP

For this particular case there are two options:

1. Allowing the white-label domains in your main SMTP configuration

If you are using a custom SMTP, white-label administrators can request you to add their domain into your provider’s/account white-label.
By clicking the “Send request” button, the system will send you an e-mail along with a Backoffice message, and after that you can add their domain to your SMTP provider’s white-list and send them back the procedure to add the records to their domain.

Whitelabel configuration page


Backoffice message sample



2. Let the white-label administrator configure its own SMTP provider

Otherwise, the white-label administrator can configure its own SMTP provider.

Note: if the app does not belong to the admin who has set the custom SMTP (the white-label admin), the SMTP will not be used. In this case you can change the app owner in the application page in the backoffice so that he is the white-label admin.

You will find how to change the owner of an application here.

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