How to make your changes NOT being removed by an update

From your Siberian installation folder, in the folder “app” there is a folder named “local”.

This Folder has been created to allow you to put your modified files here so they won’t be overwritten when you update your Siberian.

To put a file in app/local/, you have to use the same path as in the original folder. For example, if the original file is in app/sae/design/desktop/flat/template/, you should put the file you have modified in app/local/design/desktop/flat/template/.

If the folders don’t exist you will have to create them. For instance, in the previous example, if the folders “design/desktop/flat/template/” don’t exist you will have to create them in the folder “local” and then put your file in the folder “template/”.

Note: To be able to see the modifications you have made, you may have to clear the cache(s).

Please note that you will have to update the modified files to make them being compatible with our updates.

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