How to create users to manage the app?

From the version 3.1 of Siberian CMS, there are two possibilities:

  • From your backoffice as an admin
  • From the editor as an editor user


Create a user to manage the app from your Backoffice

Connect to your backoffice and go in Manage > Editor access > Users.

Click on + on the right to create a new user:

On the commercial editions, there are more possibilities such as giving rights to one or more apps for the same user, allowing him to get the source code of the app or not, etc.

Once you have created a new user, click on  to return to the user page, and go down to “Manage access” section.

Click on Show All Applications and select the app(s) that the user can manage.


Create a user to manage the app from the app Editor

Connect to your editor as the app manager.

Click on My account > Users from the top right menu:

– Click on   

– Fill the info and click on Save.

– Then click on  to edit the user and select the app(s) that the user can manage in APPLICATIONS.

– This user will be able to manage the app after logging into your editor with his email and password, and he will also be allowed to display the app in the previewer app.

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