How to create an API key for 2checkout (Platform Edition)

2Checkout is a global payment provider that makes it easy to accept payments from anyone, anywhere with a credit card.


To create an API key for 2checkout, you will need a 2checkout merchant account. If you don’t have one already, you can create it at


  • In your 2checkout account, go in Account > Site Management and complete the info:



  • In “Direct Return”, choose “Header Redirect”, and enter “the-url-of-your-platform/subscription/application/success”
  • In “Secret Word”, enter a password.
  • In “Account” > User Management, create a new user with API access (check “API updating”).
  • Back to the backoffice of your Platform Edition, in Settings > APIs, in the fields about 2checkout, enter:
        1.  Your 2checkout account number, in the field SID.
        2. Your Secret Word in the field “Secret” (get it from Account > Site Management on 2checkout)
        3. The username which has access to the API, and his password.


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