Set your pricing plans and taxes (Platform Edition)

In Siberian Platform Edition you can create subscriptions plans, in which you can set several options, like the number of apps, the features available and of course the paiement model.

The taxes applied to the prices can also be managed from the backoffice. You will be able to set taxes according to your customer’s country, and even state.

We will see in this documentation how to manage your plans, your subscriptions and also your taxes.

How to manage your plans

› To create a plan, in your /backoffice, go to Settings > Sales > Plans and hit the

  from your plans list:

› Then, fill the Form, starting with the “details” part:

  • Number of applications: from 1 to 100000. Your customer will be able to publish the number of app(s) you choose using this plan.
  • Offline option: an offline plan allows your customer to pay “offline”, with a check for instance. The subscription is not active until you active it manually after receiving the payment.
› The next part “Manage access” is about the features available in the app editor:

This is pretty straightforward, selected features will be available in editor while not selected ones won’t be.

› The last part is “Pricing”:

  • Setup fee: This amount will be paid only once.
  • Subscription: Set the recurring period: monthly or yearly
  • Monthly Price: The amount your customer will pay at each recurring period
  • User owner admob: If activated, all your customer’s apps linked to this plan will use your own admob account to display adds in app.
› Finally, save your plan. From the list of your plans, you can now see it:

› The plans can be managed from your list:


To deactivate a plan, hit the
  Your plan will not be available for your customers to subscribes to. However, it will still be listed here, and it’s customer’ subscriptions will still run.

If you hit

 the plan be available for app subscription.

If you need to cancel all subscriptions for a plan, it can be done manually from Backoffice > Sales > Subscriptions.

How to manage your subscriptions

‣ If you have the Stripe module, it’s version should be > 4.15.

› The subscriptions can be managed from Sales > Subcriptions:

› You can check the status according to the legend’s colour:


Active The subscription is active
Offline awaiting validation Those offline subscriptions are not active, you have to activate them manually
Cancelled to be expired Those one are already canceled, but the plan is still active. It will be deactivated on the ending date
Cancelled and expired This one is not active and expired
› You can filter the subscriptions using the checkboxes:

  • Here you can see the subscription #40, which is a child of subscription #38. The parent subscription is the first app linked to a plan. Those added afterwards are childs of this one.


› Or you can filter using the textbox:

For each one, you can trigger those actions:

    • deactivate will stop the subscription. For offline apps, the effect is immediate while for other subscription types it takes effect at the end of the recurring period.
    • activate will activate the plan. As the period starts at the plan’s creation, you may have to edit the expiration date with the editbutton.
    • cancel will stop the subscription at the end of the current period, except for offline subscriptions (they are cancelled instantly).
    • Those action will send a message of your choice by email to your customer:


How to manage your taxes

› To create a tax, in your /backoffice, go to Settings > Sales > Taxes and hit the

  from your taxes list:

    • Select the country and region : customers who have an adresses in this country and region will have this tax applied.
    • Use The + to add more region for a country:

  • You can delete a region or a country by hitting the x


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