How to update my Siberian?

Your version of Siberian CMS:

Look at the bottom of your backoffice and you will see the version of your Siberian CMS

Updating your Siberian CMS if you are on a version 2.9 or above

Please download the module installer by clicking here

Download the zip file, go in your backoffice in Settings > Modules and upload it and install it. Then refresh the page and click on the new button “check for update” and proceed to install the updates until you have the message “your Siberian is up to date”.

If you can’t manage to install the Module Installer update, or you can’t update your Siberian from the button “check for update”:

You have to download and install the updates manually. Check this page.


Updating your Siberian CMS if you are on a lower version than 2.9

Please use the updates from your version to the 2.9 version from this page.

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